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Child and youth psychiatry
Child and youth psychiatry is based in Karlstad, but it is also able to see patients at several other sites around Värmland. Each member of staff at BUP has their own specialist area, but we also work together as a team. Following examination and diagnosis, we provide treatment, information and consultation. Instead of admission to a ward, we initially work with intensive family care while the child or teenager remains in their home. We also coordinate with several different agencies within and outside the county council. 

Psychiatric outpatient care
Psychiatric outpatient care is available at several locations in the county – Arvika, Hagfors, Karlstad, Kristinehamn, Säffle and Torsby. This is often where adult patients pay their first visit to psychiatry. If necessary, patients are offered help within countywide highly specialised psychiatry or a place on a ward. In emergency cases, there is a countywide telephone advice service and an emergency department that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Psykiatrihuset med vårdavdelningarnas balkonger

New psychiatry building
Spring 2011 saw the completion of a modern psychiatry building at Karlstad Central Hospital. All the county’s general psychiatric wards are now here, along with the countywide outpatient care admissions within the fields of eating disorders, neuropsychiatry and dependency problems. The psychiatry building is also home to the emergency department and areas for research and development, user organisations and apartments for relatives, for example.

Forensic psychiatry
Forensic psychiatry in Kristinehamn looks after patients who have committed a crime under the influence of a serious psychological disorder. The section will be moving during spring 2014 to redeveloped premises in the Kristinehamn healthcare centre area. The new premises are specially designed for forensic psychiatric care. The county council is investing in a high level of security, good standards at patients’ homes, suitable premises, a good working environment for staff and the improvement of care.


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